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M Magazine

Best Deli Winner 2012 Readers Choice

Ready to munch on a great deli delight for lunch? Truck on over to The Rochester Deli in downtown Waukesha, where the family owned deli, bakery and catering service will wow you with swift service and mile-high bites like the popular Reuben.

M Magazine’s August 2012 issue that hits newsstands on July 25.

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Tap Milwaukee

Where to get tasty corned beef, Reuben sandwiches

What sets this sandwich apart is its ultra-crispy marble-rye bread, grilled just like panini - so pleasurable to crunch through, on your way to the thick, hand-cut slices of corned beef.

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Cityvoter Insights

Insights from Rochester Deli, Inc.: A 3 Time A-List on Winner

The 2011 A-List on contest in Milwaukee was our biggest year yet with over 116,000 votes in only 3 short weeks! The sandwich market in Milwaukee is saturated with many tasty shops as evidenced by the 39 nominees this year. We decided to find out how with all this competition Rochester Deli, Inc. was able to win the category in 2011 for the third year in a row.

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Tony Clark of "Real Milwaukee"

Roving Reporter Tony Clark of "REAL MILWAUKEE" will be at the Deli on Thursday, November 11th at 9:00 a.m. to tape a LIVE segment!



Home of the Best Reuben' keeps it fresh - 6/7/11

There is a little deli in downtown Waukesha known for serving up great food and great service, but its claim to fame is being "Home of the Best Ruben." Behind the scenes is a family who take pride in serving up fresh, homemade dishes and treating their customers like part of the family.

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Rochester Deli: A real deal - 3/9/2010

One of the earliest fish fries around, Rochester's Early Bird Friday Fish Dinner is available from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The dinner includes lightly Italian breaded fried cod, homemade coleslaw, rye roll and butter plus your choice of homemade potato pancakes and applesauce or oven-browned seasoned red potatoes.

At $7.95 it is the best value around.

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Southeastern Wisconsin Lake Living

Ace of Cakes in Waukesha! - 4/2/2010

" I am always on the hunt for a good Reuben and I was not disappointed here."

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Top Notch Take Out - 12/1/2009

"When Chef Dan Strackbein opened the Rochester Deli in 2004, he hoped to be known for his corned beef.

Mission accomplished."

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Dining Search - 10/5/2004

"These days, lines of customers snake out onto Broadway as fans order sandwiches like the Devonshire Panini (a grilled sandwich with ham, tomato, asparagus, aged cheddar cheese and English mustard) or Dan's hand-carved corned beef or pastrami, whichis as good as that served at the best delis in New York."

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Waukesha Deli offers slice of the big apple - 9/17/2004

"A New York-style deli in the metropolis of Waukesha is an oxymoron. It's also an awfully good idea, at least from the perspective of Dan Strackbein ..."

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Best sandwich shop of 2009/2010

"A unique and popular NY style deli combining classic comfort food with a warm nostalgic atmosphere."

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Shepherd Express

Details & Photos

"Rochester serves one of the best Reubens in southeast Wisconsin."

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Eat Wisconsin

Can Waukesha become a dining destination? - 12/15/2008

"Rochester Deli is one of the best sandwich spots in southeastern Wisconsin (their Rubens and Pastrami sandwiches are phenomenal"

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Quick Review - 9/6/2006

"I wanted some decent juicy pastrami. Rochester Deli delivered! The pastrami, was flavorful and well marbled with just the right amount of mustard added. There wasn’t a hint of dryness."

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"Start Spreading the News." The Rochester Deli, Inc., located in historic downtown Waukesha, is the place to go."

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Tapas, tradition and trendy eateries in downtown Waukesha - 6/8/2009

"Before you even step up to the counter, you can be pretty sure your meal at Rochester Deli is going to get a good review."

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UW Extension

Innovative Downtown Businesses - 4/15/2009

"Their niche is corn beef and pastrami, soup, salad, and sandwich and is known for high quality made to order meals."

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A Duo of Chefs

Rochester Deli Gazpacho

"I really enjoy the fish fry there, and others say the signature dish is delicious. Melissa would highly recommend the Devonshire Panini, which has ham, tomato, asparagus and cheddar."

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